Emergency Management
Risk Management
Training and Teaching
Standards Development
Leadership Roles
Emergency Management and Business Continuity
1986 - 1992 - United States Navy
Naval Liaison Officer to FEMA Region Five and Indiana State Area Command
1989 - 1995 - Argonne National Laboratory
Emergency Response Team
1995 - 2003 - United States Steel Corporation
Gary Works Emergency Planning Committee
Incident Commander
1999 - present - Purdue University and Purdue University Calumet
Teaching Emergency Management (undergraduate) and Homeland Security (graduate)
Advising on emergency preparedness and Vice Chair, Emergency Management Advisory Board
2005 - present - Larson Performance Consulting, LLC
Risk Management
1995 - 2003 - United States Steel Corporation, Gary Works - Manager, Safety & Industrial Hygiene
Responsible for management of the Safety and Industrial Hygiene programs for an integrated steel mill, 7.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, plus two remote operations. 7,800 USS employees and 1500 contractor employees comprise the work force protected by these programs. Performance improvement management for safety and Industrial Hygiene related issues. Various media forms used including video, audio, written, PowerPoint, etc. to communicate performance improvement initiatives. Plant Radiation Safety Officer. Technical advisor to management and six Joint Union Management Safety Committees. Gary Works representative to the Local Emergency Planning Committee, Lake County, Indiana. Incident Command Safety Officer. HazMat Technician. Technical oversight of Safety and Industrial Hygiene training. Managed a staff of twelve safety & health professionals.
1990 - 1992 - United States Navy Inspection Team Leader, Explosive Safety Inspections for Naval Sea Systems Command
Teaching and Training
University Teaching
Taught sixty graduate and undergraduate course for Purdue, Purdue Calumet, Saint Xavier, Indiana University Northwest, Oklahoma State (Korean National Fire Service Academy), and Capella Universities.
Instructor Experience
19 years – United States Steel Corporation, Argonne National Laboratory, and United States Navy. Safety, health, environmental protection and explosive safety courses of instruction.
Training Management
Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown Virginia, Naval Reserve Program
Formed and managed the exportable training unit, which designed, developed and presented courses of instruction on Basic Explosive Safety and Hazardous Materials Driver Training. The Safety Department, Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Yorktown, VA approved this training program, to allow Naval Reservists to work “hands-on” with explosive loaded components.
1989 - 1995 - Argonne National Laboratory - Environment, Safety & Health Training Manager
Responsible for design and management of the ESH Training Program which covered instruction to comply with Department of Energy, OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations and instructional support to Waste Management Operations and Plant Facilities and Services. Staff of twelve instructional designer and trainers supported combined (Argonne and DOE) populations of 4,500. 132 course offerings. Program started with one training coordinator and built into a staff of 13. Laboratory Emergency Response Team Managed a staff of twelve of instructional professionals. U. S. Air Force Hazardous Waste Training Assessment Instructional design support to the DOE Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program.
Standards Development
1999 - present
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committee on Emergency Management and Business Continuity – NFPA 1600 Standard for Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs
2007 to present
ISO Technical Committee 223 – Societal Security
Head of U.S. Delegation and Chair U.S. Technical Advisory Group
Project Lead, Exercises & testing development team [First ISO standard on exercises & testing]
Leadership Roles
United States Navy and Navy Reserve
Captain USN (Ret)
ISO Technical Committee 223 – Societal Security
Head of U.S. Delegation and Chair U.S. Technical Advisory Group, 2007 to present
Chair, 22398 – Exercises & testing development team [First ISO standard on exercises & testing]
Indiana Emergency Response Commission
Commissioner – 2003 to present
Policy & Technical and Training Committees
Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) Commission
Commissioner – 2007 to present
CEM mentor
Chair Elect for 2012
United States Naval Academy Information Program
Area Coordinators Steering Committee, 2002 – present
Area Coordinator for the State of Indiana, 1990 – 1996 and 2000 – 2007
Naval Academy Information Officer, 1979 to present
1992 – “Superintendent’s Award for Best Area Coordinator in the U.S.”
Academy Board, 1st Congressional District of Indiana
1981 to present
Chair – 2011, 2009, 2006, 2002, 1998, 1994, 1988, and 1984
International Association of Emergency Managers
Commissioner, Certified Emergency Manager (CEM©) Commission
Chair, IAEM Global Communications Work Group 2009 - 2011
Co-Chair, IAEM – USA Standards & Practices Committee 2008 – 2010
National Defense Committee
State of Indiana Coordinator
  • U.S. Steel - Risk management, security assessment, emergency planning, training development
  • Lakeshore Area Regional Recovery in Indiana (LARRI) – Long-term Recovery Planning and Pandemic Public Education
  • Northern Indiana Public Service and NiSource, Inc – Emergency Evacuation support to two Indiana counties and Corporate Pandemic Planning
  • IRAM – Argentina – NFPA 1600 (Buenos Aires, Tucuman, Comodoro Rivadavia, Bahia Blanca)
  • Ciudad de Bahia Blanca, Argentina – Emergency Planning
  • Prevention Industry Agency, Gangwon Techno-Park Foundation, ROK
  • Purdue University Calumet – Emergency Planning and Preparedness.
        · Exercise Support, Faculty Consultant, Quality Assurance – University Support
  • Lake Federal Savings & Loan Association – Business Continuity Planning
  • Phoenix Fire Department – Safety Program Assessment
  • U. S. Steel Kosice, Slovak Republic – Safety Program Assessment
  • EnerTronics, Munster, Indiana – Distance Learning development
  • U. S. Steel – Accident Investigation Training and Safety Program Support
  • Keter Environmental – presentation to UPS Corporate Safety Committee
  • U. S. Steel Serbia d.o.o. – Safety Program Support
  • Northwest Indiana Association of REALTORS® - Instructional Design
  • U. S. Steel – Co-chair, Public Safety Working Group, Good Government Initiative
  • U.S. Air Force Material Command – Hazardous Waste Training Assessment
  • Sacramento Association of REALTORS® - Instructional Design – New Member Orientation, Development of Safety & Health Program for employees
  • Safety Manager, Calumet Council of Boy Scouts of America, during Excellent Adventure III (camping jamboree, May 1999, 3500 Scouts)